Cry Baby Cain

So Herman Cain is complaining about being questioned about the Federal Reserve. Boo hoo.
A big reason a great many people have reservations about him is because he was past President of the Kansas City Fed. The Federal Reserve has become synonymous with crony crapitalism and is ripe for a full audit, if anyone doubts this then just look at the findings of the partial audit stemming from the financial meltdown. Consequently, given his past employment and recent events, it is inevitable that he’d face questions on the Fed. If he ever comes to where I live, I’d be questioning him on it, too.
Does he expect Mitt Romney to not be questioned on “Romneycare”? Rick Perry not to be pressed on alleged cronyism? This is their Achilles’ heel, association with the Fed Reserve and his support for TARP is his. Herman Cain should be calling for a full audit rather than crying about people questioning him.  Or is he just another one of the GOP’s crony crapitalists?

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